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General Rules

  • All programs, tours, activities offered by Adventure Club Hellas are available to everyone who is mentally and physically healthy and in reasonable state of fitness
  • All participants must undertake to accept the leader – guide’s instructions at all times as certain elements of danger may arise when indertaking activity holidays. Safety is of permanent importance and your experienced leaders – guides are there to help you at all times.
  • Any participant suffering from any illness or disease, must inform a representative of Adventure Club Hellas before the program – activity -tour even if this doesn’t affect his/her performance.
  • Any participant who is under age must be accompanied by an adult or have written permission from the parents / guardians for traveling alone in order to participate in any activity tour or program.
  • The company reserves the right to refuse any under age participants if they appear to be incapable for any activity and any other participant regardless of age for the same reason.
  • The leader – guide reserves the right to exclude anyone who is considered to behave in anti-social manner or is judged to be liability to the rest of the group or dangerous to himself and/or the rest of the group.

Risk Assessment - Disclaimer

  • Participants should understand the existence of foreseeable and unforeseeable  hazards related to outdoor activities – tours or programs.
  • Risks from participatins in an outdoor activity tour or program may arise from exposure to the natural elements including water and wind collisdion with rocks, conflict with other participants, contact with the local flora and fauna,  the fall of rocks, avalanches, etc
  • Potential injuries may arise from the conditions of use of the equipment
  • Participants should understand that activities – tours or programs can be physically and mentally strong.
  • The participants hereby release and discarge before the law and justice owners, guides, employees or potential volunteers of Adventure Club Hellas from any liability, claims, demands that may arise from any damage, injury, loss of consciousness, death or property damage as a results of his participation in an activity – tour or program. The exemption from liability includes loss, damage, injury or death by negligence (direct or indirect) or any other cause or cause except for willful misconduct cases.
  • The participant accepts and declares that neither himself nor his/her family, hers or his authorized persons or delegates, entitled any claims and will not bring any legal proceeding against the owners, guides, employees or volunteers of Adventure Club Hellas, as a results of his/her participations in an activity – tour or program

Terms of participation

  • Participants agree and grant ADVENTURE CLUB HELLAS the right to use the photographic material, videos and other data, created in connection with their participation in the activities
  • The participant must accept the instructions and rules of ADVENTURE CLUB HELLAS before and during the activity, otherwise ADVENTURE CLUB HELLAS reserves the right to exclude him / her from the activity, without the participant receiving compensation. The same is true in the case of inappropriate behavior or creating problems in the team.
  • Each participant must  obliged to inform about any health problems
  • ADVENTURE CLUB HELLAS reserves the right to exclude any participant, if it deems that his / her psychological – physical condition endangers himself / herself or the other participants
  • In case the participants have not reached the age of 18, they can participate in the activities only with the support of the parents / guardians and with their written consent.

Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation of participation and if an advance payment has been paid or the full price, the following applies:

  • One-day transfer by the same means of the participant, cancellation up to 72 hours before the start of the event, full refund. No refund after 72 hours
  • For one-day excursions by bus up to 7 days before the start of the event, full refund. No refund after 7 days
  • For the two-day, three-day, multi-day excursions by bus or by the same means of transport, with accommodation in a shelter, hotel, hostel, camping (as provided for each event) up to 21 days before the start of the event full refund.
  • Up to 10 days before the start of the event, 50% refund on the total cost.
  • In case of cancellation for less than 10 days before the event, no refund will be given

How to Book

In each of our actions you will find the corresponding application form, which you must complete with all your details. In order for an application to be accepted, all the information you provide to us must be true, so that the organizers can contact you in case of need.

Completing the application is an expression of interest for the trip on your part to us. To close / secure your position, you need to deposit the corresponding amount in the bank accounts that you will receive or report, writing as a reason your surname & the respective destination – activity. Upon completion of the respective deposit you will receive in your e-mail, the legal document (Receipt – Invoice) automatically confirming your reservation, from us.

Modification of the Program

The programs, the routes and the duration of the activities are subject to changes due to the ability of the team, the physical condition of the participants and the weather conditions that will prevail in the area. ADVENTURE CLUB HELLAS reserves the right to modify or cancel any outdoor activity due to bad weather or technical difficulties

Stay in Touch

We will send you at most one or two short email a month. And we will NEVER EVER pass your info to any other outfit, no matter how worthy.

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