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Level of Difficulty

15.5 km



Max Elevation


Min Elevation


Altitude Difference


Tour Type

3 & 8 Hours

Duration of Activity



Taygetos 2407μ - Summit Adventures

Transportation will be by Bus

Taygetos 2407μ

The Phenomenon Of Pyramid

Taygetos, ascent to the Holy Mountain !! You consider it one of the most impressive ascents… and not unjustly !!! We chose the best season to enjoy the Phenomenon of the Pyramid at sunrise from the top of the mountain at 2407m !!! 

What is the Phenomenon of the Taygetus Pyramid:

A few minutes before sunrise and with a clear atmosphere, the perfect equilateral triangular shadow of the pyramidal peak of Taygetos is formed in the Messinian gulf, on the horizon of western Messinia. Most of the mountain tops were considered sacred historically and religiously, as as they were closest to the Sun, people believed that their prayers were easier to hear from there.

Mountain Taygetos

Mount Taygetos is the highest mountain in the Peloponnese with a height of 2407 meters and the summit called Prophet Elias from the homonymous church that was built on top of it. The name Taygetos, as testified by the ancient traveler Pausanias, has mythological roots. The name comes from Taygeti, one of the daughters of Atlanta who ended her life falling on a mountain cliff. Fir and pine forests cover the sub-alpine area, gorges with ravines shaded by plane trees are some features of an incredible landscape !! The highest peak of the mountain is a solid limestone that forms an almost perfect pyramid and is considered a sacred place since antiquity! The highest peak of Taygetos was called “Taleton” or “Talton” by the ancients and was considered a sacred location of the Sun !!

The top of the pyramid, from what is said, is in absolute conceivable line with Olympus, and is a reference point for coordinates for several areas. The Pythagoreans speak of an energy place, of a ‘Gate “, in a place where nature has chosen to inoculate the world with light, spirit, Greek Culture !! Besides, it is not accidental that Anaximander in antiquity, according to what Cicero writes, he had set up an “observatory” at the top to observe the movement of the stars !!!

The Climb to the HOLY MOUNTAIN  is an important achievement from the ancient Spartans until today and is one of the most exciting mountaineering experiences that one must try even once !!


Taygetou Refuge – At Varvara location at an altitude of 1,550m.

• Capacity: 22 people.
• Has power from a photovoltaic system.

• Heating: Oil stove.
• Water supply: From a reservoir and source at a distance of 200 m.
• Kitchen: Organized.
• Restrooms outside the shelter.

Activity Informations

Tour Type



15.5 km (2 days)

Suitable for Begginers

Yes, in VERY good shape

Difficulty Level : Moderate B++

Find out about the degrees of difficulty of hiking and climbing routes

Meeting Point / Time

Date of Departure / Return

Departure: Saturday 08 July 2023
Return: Sunday 09 July 2023

Departure / Return Time

Departure: 08.00 (please be 10 minutes earlier at the meeting point) / Return 21.00 (indicative)

Point of Departure / Return

Departure: Metro Agios Antonios (08.00) / Palataki (08.20) / Isthmus (09.10)
Return: +/- 21.00 Athens

Per Person / Include Vat 24%

115€ - 125€



    08.00: DEPARTURE from Agios Antonios Mertro Station. Please arrive 10 minutes early, 08.20 Palataki 09.10 Isthmus of Corinth 12.00: Arrival at Magganiari springs (estimated time). Team organization, backpack-equipment arrangement, short break 13.00: Start of activity, Hiking to the shelter / camp at 1550m 16.00: Estimated arrival at the shelter / camp. Arranging in rooms or setting up tents . Free time for rest, food and sleep. 19.00: Dinner

  • DIFFICULTY: 1+, DISTANCE: 3.7km, ALT. DIF.:570m DURATION: 02.30 (+/-30') HOURS


    02.30: Quick morning coffee and group preparation 03.00: Start of night hiking 06.00: Arrival at the top 06.15: The "Pyramid Phenomenon" at sunrise 06.45: Departure and return to the shelter / camp

  • DIFFICULTY: 2+, DISTANCE: 7.65km, ALT DIF.:857m DURATION: 05.30 (+/-30') HOURS


    09.30. Arrival at the shelter, rest, breakfast, picking up camp / equipment 12.00 Return to the sources of Magganiari 14.30: Arrival at Magganiari springs where the bus will be waiting for us, end of program, departure for Athens

  • DIFFICULTY: 1, DISTANCE: 3.7km, ALT. DIF.: -570m DURATION: 02.00 (+/-30') HOURS


    The route is fromt - back with an altitude difference of 1427 meters and a total of 15.5 kilometers (a total of 2 days). Duration of the excursion with the required stops is estimated at 2.30 "hours (+/- 30 ') from Piges Magganiari to the shelter and 5.30" hours (+/- 30') from the shelter to the top and return to it. The excursion is suitable for beginners in good physical condition provided they have the necessary basic equipment.

Trip Cost - Details


* 125€ per person / for shelter accomodation

* 115€ per person / for overnight in tents

*** For the unemployed/students -€15.00 discount 

Prices includes legal VAT 24%

Bank Accounts

  • PIRAEUS: GR12 0172 0400 0050 4009 3094 964
  • NATIONAL BANK: GR49 0110 1570 0000 1576 4615 736
  • ALPHA : GR50 0140 1380 1380 0234 0005 135
  • EUROBANK: GR8802600960000110200873965

Legal Beneficiary: Ilias Tsatsaronis



Must Have !!

What you should bring with you (minimum necessary basic equipment)


  • The above program, the routes and the duration of the activities are subject to change due to the ability of the group, the physical condition of the participants and the weather conditions that will prevail in the area. ADVENTURE CLUB HELLAS reserves the right to modify or cancel any outdoor activity due to bad weather or technical difficulties.
  • The  activity  is also suitable for beginners as long as they have a good standard physical condition

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  • In case of cancellation of participation and if an advance payment or the full price has been paid, the following applies:

    • One-day with travel by the participant's own means, cancellation up to 72 hours before the start of the event, full refund. After 72 hours, no refunds will be made.
    • For one-day coach trips up to 7 days before the start of the event, full refund. After the 7 days, no refunds will be made.
    • For the two-day, three-day, multi-day excursions by bus or with the same means of transport, with accommodation in a shelter, hotel, guesthouse, camping (as provided for each event) up to 21 days before the start of the event, full refund.
    • Up to 10 days before the start of the event, 50% refund of the total cost.
    • In any other case of cancellation less than 10 days before the event, no refund will be made

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