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Climb to the highest peak of Mountain Olympus 2918m


Level of Difficulty




Max Elevation


Min Elevation


Tour Type

3 Days


Summit Adventures !!

Trip Information

Tour Type

Mountaineering / Trekking

Max People

15 people

Minimum People

10 people

Degree of Difficulty : Advance (2+)

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Departure / Return Information

Departure Date / Return Date

Saturday 23 July / Monday 25 July, 2022

Departure / Retturn Time

Departure : 07.00 (please be 10 minutes early at the meeting point) / Return : 22.00 (indicative time)

Departure / Return Point

Metro "Ethniki Amyna"

Per person / includes 24% VAT

210 - €270

Trip Description

The report is perhaps redundant since the ancient Greeks had placed their 12 gods at the top of Olympus, which they did not dare to approach. They reached the peaks of Agios Antonios and Profitis Ilias, where they had visual contact with the peak, and there they left their tributes. To the north of Litochoro, at a distance of about 10 km, is the ancient, the most important place of worship of the Macedonians that flourished from 400 BC. until the end of the Roman period. Ancient remains such as settlements, burial grounds, fortifications, etc. have been found on the north and east sides of Olympus.

On the west side of the mountain was the city and south of the present homonymous village is preserved the base of the temple of Pythian Apollo. On the east side of the mountain, north of the village of Skotina, there are the ruins of the ancient city, which is associated with the birth and death of Orpheus from the Mainades, as in this place were buried parts of his body, by the muses.

Olympus National Park was founded in 1938 and is the oldest of the 10 national terrestrial parks in Greece. It occupies an area of ​​40,000 acres and extends from the eastern side of the mountain (altitude 600 m.) To its peaks. UNESCO, recognizing the special importance of Olympus, since 1981 has included it in the program Man and Biosphere, whose purpose is to protect and preserve the largest ecosystems on our planet. Together we will conquer the peak at 2918m

What IS Included / NOT Include in the trip


210€ – 270 € / per person (including VAT 24%)

* 270 € In case the number of 15 people is completed and the transfer is done by Mini Bus

* 210 €In case the number of 15 people is not completed, the transfer will be done by car (car pooiling) ideally 3-4 people per car, so that all the costs of the car are shared

Bank Accounts:

  • Pireos: GR12 0172 0400 0050 4009 3094 964
  • National Bank: GR49 0110 1570 0000 1576 4615 736
  • Alpha Bank : GR50 0140 1380 1380 0234 0005 135

Legal Beneficiary: TSATSARONIS ILIAS



Our Program in Detail

Meeting very early in the morning in Athens, and departure by private bus to Litochoro. Towards noon (+/- 13.00) we arrive in the village, making a short stop for any of our water needs, etc. From there we depart in the direction of “Gortsia” at 1123 meters, from where we will start our trekking. We start our hike following a path through a forest of black pines that ascends smoothly to the ridge of Gortsia. Soon we reach the Barba plateau at the first break point of the ascent. From Barba we continue uphill in a forest of conifers and beeches, cross the Coca shoulder and exit to the meadow of Strangos. From there we continue on a main path to the shelter of Petrostrouga where we will spend the night, which rises at the bottom of a sloping stone slope with sparse but giant robola at an altitude of 1930 meters. Arranging the equipment in our room, free time. The view from the shelter to Litochoro and the sea is wonderful. We enjoy the unique colors of the sunset !!

Route Length: 5.3 km,
Maximum Altitude: 1950 meters
Total Ascent: 860 meters
Travel time is estimated with stops +/- 3.30 hours

Waking up in the morning, arranging our equipment, breakfast and we are ready for our hike. Departure to the plateau of the Muses, with destination the mountain refuge Kakalos. We follow the path that leads us to Skourta, it ascends smoothly but persistently with open maneuvers on bare slopes. In +/- we reach Skourta 2476m. at the first break point of our ascent. Next is Laimos, a seemingly very narrow passage, which, however, runs through a wide and safe path. At 11.30 arrival at the shelter Ch. Kakalos at 2650m. Arrange our equipment and yes it’s time to enjoy a genuine mountaineering meal !! In the afternoon we will tour the adjacent peaks, Megali Toumpa (2801m) and Profitis Ilias (2803m). Evening meal, overlooking the “Throne of Zeus”, enjoying the unique colors of the setting sun !!

Route Length: 5.9 km
Maximum Altitude: 2650m (shelter Kakalos)
Total Ascent: 700m
Travel time is estimated with stops +/- 3.30 hours

Very early morning waking up for breakfast and preparation for our ascent to the top of Olympus (2918m Mytikas). Starting from our shelter we will traverse Stefani, reaching in about 30 minutes the Zoni of Stefani. We put on all the necessary equipment and start the climb. In +/- 40 minutes we are at the top of Mytikas at 2918m !! Having reached the top, you can capture your impressions in the book of climbing history, take our souvenir photos and prepare for our return. This time we return from the path that passes through the so-called “Zonaria” in the direction of the shelter of “Spilios Agapitos” at 2100m, where we will make our stopover. We will have a light lunch and we will continue for the place “Prionia” at 1075 meters, at the foot of Olympus. Our achievement is complete !!! We leave for Athens!

Route Length (with return): 11.2 km
Total Descent: 1559m
The return journey time is estimated with stops +/- 6.30



  • The above program, the routes and the duration of the activities are subject to changes due to the ability of the team, the physical condition of the participants and the weather conditions that will prevail in the area. ADVENTURE CLUB HELLAS reserves the right to modify or cancel any outdoor activity due to bad weather or technical difficulties
  • Each participant will be given a helmet & a boulder to climb to the top
  • There is no hot water in the shelters
  • Each shelter has a fully equipped kitchen with a specific price list
  • Our overnight stays will take place at the shelter of Petrostrouga and at the shelter Christos Kakalos 2648m on the Plateau of the Muses. The type of beds are the so-called bunk beds (upper - lower bed). Each bunk bed is next to each other and other people can sleep in the same space
  • Our climb is also suitable for beginners, as long as they have a good typical physical condition. The climb is NOT suitable for those who have height phobia and acrophobia

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In case of cancellation of participation and if an advance payment has been paid or the full price, the following applies:

  • One-day transfer by the same means of the participant, cancellation up to 72 hours before the start of the event, full refund. No refund after 72 hours
  • For one-day excursions by bus up to 7 days before the start of the event, full refund. No refund after 7 days
  • For the two-day, three-day, multi-day excursions by bus or by the same means of transport, with accommodation in a shelter, hotel, hostel, camping (as provided for each event) up to 21 days before the start of the event full refund. Up to 10 days before the start of the event, 50% refund on the total cost. In case of cancellation for less than 10 days before the event, no refund will be given