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MEDSSOL - Build Skills, Save Lives

At Medssol our clients are at the heart of our business and we put them first, ensuring that we drive flexibility, integrity and communication in our customer relationships. We are internationally recognized as a leader in providing first aid training. From day and full week courses at our facility to remote overseas worksites, we deliver. Our clients have come to depend on us for training that makes a difference. Learn how to provide first aid or other assistance. Imagine if a member of your family or a colleague had an accident: would you know how to provide first aid? This can make a real difference. We offer over 15 courses, comprehensively aligned with awarding bodies’ standards where relevant. A core focus for us is ‘your training’ – arming you with high quality professional training, assessing and internal quality assurance qualifications. We will also partner with you to develop bespoke courses to fulfill various training needs. We believe it is very important to be able to help one another.

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